Dental Malpractice


Keep your practice running smoothly…

In today’s litigious times, choosing the right professional and business insurance is critical. JGA  offers you comprehensive coverage, affordable rates, and most importantly, responsive service. We can help keep your practice running smoothly.

The JGA  coverage protects you, as well as your hygienists, assistants and office staff against  lawsuits. Coverage protects you as a professional, and your corporation or partnership.

Affordable rates plus discounts based on your practice add up to an outstanding value. Read further for details.

The policy offered through JGA protects you for damages resulting from dental services provided, or that should have been provided, to your patients. The policy covers you, your legal organization, past or present employees and approved substitute dentists (locum tenens).

Program features include:

  • Choice of coverage limits – up to $5,000,000 available.
  • Unrestricted Consent to Settle – This is a guaranteed right. We will not settle any professional liability claim without your written approval – and there are no limitations, such as mandatory arbitration or “hammer” clauses.
  • Retirement “Tail” Benefits – After you have been a policyholder for five years, Extended Reporting Coverage is free at age 50 or older if you decide to permanently cease practicing dentistry or upon disability or death.
  • First Aid Expense Coverage – Pays up to $5,000 for expenses incurred when a patient is accidentally injured during treatment and requires first aid. (Note that usage of the First Aid benefit does not constitute a claim.)
  • Defense of State Regulatory Investigation – Reimburses you for attorney fees, costs & other related expenses for your defense of disciplinary charges or licensing action by a state regulatory authority arising as the result of a covered claim.
  • Association Coverage – Protects you as an officer or committee member of the American Dental Association or any professional dental society it recognizes.
  • Professional Writing Coverage – Protects you for authoring articles, books or papers on technical aspects of dentistry when published by a recognized professional publisher
  • Contractual Liability Coverage – Covers you for liability assumed under contracts, including those with managed care organizations (i.e. HMOs, PPOs, IPAs), if entered into before the date the injury occurred.
  • Defense Costs – Paid in addition to liability limits — win or lose.
  • Legal Organization Coverage – Separate limits of liability available for your dental partnership or corporation
  • Additional Coverage – A Specialty Liability Package Endorsement can be added to your policy to protect you for injury or property damage claims against your practice. Coverage under this endorsement can include:
    1. General Liability Coverage
    2. Billing Errors & Omissions – $2,500
    3. Premises, Products, Completed Operations Coverage
    4. Medical Payments
    5. Non-owned & Hired Auto Liability
    6. Employee Benefits Liability
    7. Employment Practices Liability – $limits $5,000 / $5,000*
    8. Medical Waste Legal Reimbursement – limits $50,000 / $50,000

*Higher limits available

Endorsers. Contact us for a complete list of all our endorsers.